Data collection for tourism and coastal authorities

Data collection for tourism and coastal regions: Innovation meets sustainability

The collection and analysis of coastal data opens up new horizons for tourism and coastal authorities. Scientific technologies enable us to gain insights into coastal ecosystems, which serve as a basis for sustainable decisions, informing society and innovative business concepts.

Technologies, impact and business models

The development of a comprehensive coastal monitoring network is a crucial step towards sustainable coastal management. A network of sensors and measuring stations can be used to collect real-time data (NRT) on water quality, temperature and other environmental factors. This data is essential in order to be able to react quickly to changes and take preventative measures.

Which technologies and sensors are used depends on the requirements of the tourism objective. Possible parameters include environmental and climate data, such as the current water temperature in bathing regions. Innovative business models for tourism can be based on the use of collected coastal data:


Personalized experiences: By analyzing environmental data, tourism businesses can create personalized and sustainable experiences for their guests. Data analysis can help determine the best times and locations for water sports activities.


Collaborations and partnerships: Data-based insights allow tourism businesses to form partnerships with local authorities and conservation organizations. Together they can promote coastal care and conservation projects that enhance the tourism offer while helping to protect the environment.


Education and information platforms: It would be possible to develop educational platforms that inform and raise awareness among tourists about local coastal ecology. Such platforms can provide interactive maps, real-time data and background information to raise awareness of coastal protection.

The collection of coastal data not only opens up new business opportunities in tourism, but also contributes significantly to the protection and sustainable management of coasts. Through the strategic use of scientific technologies, businesses and authorities can work together to create a future that is both ecologically and economically prosperous. The data we collect today is the basis for the solutions of tomorrow.

In the current development phase of SOOP, there is high demand from the tourism and leisure sector. The first prototypes for measuring the temperature at bathing areas are already being used:

  • Temperature sensors from aquaObs (operated by SOOP) at the Kiellinie bathing area

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