Collaboration with POGO fellows

POGO - Solutions for ocean observation in the global South

Supporting regions that currently receive too little attention in ocean observation is an important core of our mission. In close cooperation with the fellows of the POGO network (Partnership for the Observation of the global Ocean) and international projects (ORIENTATE & PULSE), SOOP is testing the needs and feasibility in selected regions (including Senegal, Thailand and Peru) for a scalable market for low-cost sensor technology and fair data.

The needs were analyzed in the communities of the scholarship holders and further deepened through interviews. The aim is to identify and implement specific use cases. Important here are committed participants in the sensor industry, universities and local interest groups, such as local fishermen and women, as well as global society as a whole, which benefits from the data obtained.

Technologies and impact

Different technologies and sensors are used depending on the specific application. For example, parameters such as oxygen, turbidity, temperature, pH value, current, salinity, nutrients and biodiversity are measured.

The data from these regions is particularly relevant for SOOP and the global community, as there are currently too few usable data sets available. The joint development and implementation is geared towards the local measurement needs of fishermen and women, marine farms, sustainable tourism, research and society. The added value for stakeholders lies in the development of new markets and the contribution to combating climate change. The focus here is on the coexistence of people and the environment as well as the combination of scientific, social and technical expertise from different regions.

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