Sailing into the future for the Ocean Decade

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We highly value the strong advocacy for ocean health and effort to making a meaningful difference with this great partnership with The Ocean Race, UNESCO Ocean and UN Ocean Decade.

As we cannot manage what we cannot measure, TheOceanRace makes an important contribution to the way how we observe our ocean in an innovative way. 
The data that comes from The Ocean Race boats is used to calculate the ocean uptake of carbon dioxide. The ocean takes up more than a quarter of fossil fuel emissions which prevents climate change. Data gathered by sailors also helps us to understand the distribution of microplastic pollution. The Ocean Race is also taking meteorological observations which improve weather forecasts.

Over three days the 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference (10- 12 April), will bring together the global Ocean Decade community and partners to celebrate achievements, take stock of progress and set joint priorities to strengthen the sustainable management of the ocean and drive science-based innovation. 

Toste Tanhua Tanua representing the SOOP | Innovation Platform at the satellite event organised by The Ocean Race team together with UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC/UNESCO) the Barcelona Maritime Museum. 
Shaping an Ocean Of Possibilities together!