OCEANS 2023 Conference & Exposition

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A few weeks ago, the SOOP Innovation Platform participated in the international conference and exhibition OCEANS ’23 in Limerick, Ireland. The conference was held on the campus of the University of Limerick from June 5-8, 2023 and was thematically focused on the following topics:

  • Carbon Neutral Energy / Offshore Wind
  • Sustainable commercial use of seas and oceans
  • Technology development to address climate change
  • Ocean health and resilience


The SOOP (“Shaping an Ocean Of Possibilities”) Innovation Platform was
represented at the conference by four SOOP consortium members. Throughout the week, SOOP had a booth at the exhibition to disseminate and present SOOP’s goals and objectives to the ocean science community. In addition, contacts were sought with potential partners who are to be involved in the furtherdevelopment of the innovation platform and / or are interested in the data to be generated by SOOP.

Overall, the outcome of the conference (based on the response) is a very positive one. The SOOP innovation platform was often seen as an urgently needed step towards a more comprehensive view of the entire “chain”, i.e. data collection should not be the end.

In addition to potential industry partners and other research institutions, contact was also made with other users and users. In general,there was a great interest in the data to be generated by the platform. In addition, further food for thought for SOOP was shared – such as equipping divers or surfers with lightweight, low-cost sensors. Other contacts offered to establish networking with others to further collaboration (e.g., contact German collaborators).

  • Interest in joining to database / interest in data
  • Similar project with large overlap as well as large interest in collaboration
  • Companies that are not currently relevant to the development of SOOP, but could play a major role in the longer-term expansion of the platform and extension (other sensors / instruments)
  • Various contacts to networks and clusters