Listen to the latest Fascination Marine Technology podcast episode now: Your Ship in Action for Marine Research

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Many ships in action for marine research to improve the data situation and knowledge about our oceans. This is the idea behind our innovation platform SOOP. In the new Fascination Marine Technology podcast episode, Toste Tanhua and Bärbel Fening talk about why data is so urgently needed to enable innovative ocean observation.

How can everyone contribute to the collection of data? Can private sailing ships, racing yachts, cargo ships, cruise ships, ferries or cutters collect scientific data wherever they are?

Simple answers to big questions can be found in the new episode of the Marine Technology Podcast with Bärbel Fening.

Listen here 👇

Technology And The Sea – Fascination Marine Technology. Your Ship in Action for Marine Research: SOOP – Toste Tanhua, GEOMAR