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On 3 and 4 July 2023, the SOOP platform held its official kick-off meeting at GEOMAR in Kiel. Being the first meeting of all platform members in person, this was a very productive and constructive event that indeed gave a great push forward to our efforts by enabling all work packages to define their goals and the way towards them more clearly.

Following the main sessions, representatives of our partners Laeisz, SubCtech,, MCN and GMT joined us to provide a closer look at the potential for future collaboration and contributed some valuable topics to be discussed from their point of view.

We are now looking forward to welcoming the new personnel that will be joining us soon, to giving shape to “SOOP” and to engaging our partners in the coming months.


participants of the SOOP Kick-off-Meetings

The participants of the SOOP kick-off meeting at GEOMAR in Kiel on 3/4 July 2023