Data collection on board – welcome Zita Sailing @SOOP Community

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The SOOP  Ocean Community is growing 🌊

We are excited to announce a new partnership within Zita, Micheal Dalla Torre and Team. Zita is a Balance 526 catamaran and now setting sails to create a significant impact on oceanic research and environmental stewardship.

Michael Dalla Torre has reached out to SOOP to collaborate on biogeochemical observations aboard his newly constructed sailing catamaran β€žZitaβ€œ, set to navigate the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Originating from South Africa, his pioneering voyage, will chart a course to various destinations in the Caribbean. The data collected during this expedition will play a vital role in addressing data gaps within the South Atlantic Ocean.

Working closely with Michael and the shipyard, we have developed a specialized measuring box tailored for underway measurements of essential biogeochemical variables. This innovative apparatus will monitor surface ocean temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and partial pressure of CO2, continuously supplied with fresh seawater as the vessel cruises. This test deployment serves as a blueprint for a user-friendly system, poised to revolutionize data collection aboard small boats.

The outcomes of this collaboration promise to be transformative. By contributing to the collection of critical biogeochemical parameters, particularly CO2, in under-sampled regions, this project holds the potential to enhance global carbon estimates. Such endeavors underscore our commitment to leveraging partnerships for positive environmental impact and advancing scientific understanding.

We look forward to the journey ahead, as we navigate uncharted waters together and chart a course toward a more sustainable future.